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awesome penny stocksHere is this months best Awesome penny stocks review:

There are two main reasons people get into the penny stock game: the rush and the risk. The rush comes when you make a lot of money on an awesome penny stocks tip. The risk, well it can just feel plain bad if the reward doesn’t follow, but it’s the gamble that all we take as penny stock traders. In fact, it’s why we do this!

Since penny stocks are companies that trade at under $5 a share, they normally don’t have a lot of information available to the average trader so the investment risk is higher. But that’s what makes these companies so enticing: the reward can be much greater on an unknown stock due to lack of investors getting in on the ground floor. This is why awesome penny stocks tips become so valuable.

Either way, trading in penny stocks is a great way to feel like a wheeler and dealer or even become one if you make the right investment.

Awesome Penny Stocks Dream Team Review:

As avid stock traders, we like to review companies and products that provide picks which help you, our reader, better gauge their stock picking techniques and recommendations. This month, we’ve taken The Penny Stock Dream Team out for a test drive. Penny Stock Dream Team is ran by founder and beholder of awesome penny stock tips, Nathan Gold. By alerting you to the top penny stocks to watch, Mr. Gold brings a little known subject to the forefront of personal investment. This allows you to cut through the 97% of junk penny stocks and find the 3% of awesome penny stocks that will make you money.

Awesome Penny Stocks Process

The process with Penny Stock Dream Team was simple enough. We signed up for an 8 week, money back guarantee, free trail that promised to alert us to the best penny stocks to buy. As always, we run a two-part investment process with our reviews: we invest half of our review money on the company recommendation alone and the other half based on our research into the recommendation. This allows us to gauge the relevance of the penny stock tip we receive for ourselves: is it an awesome penny stocks tip, or a not-so awesome penny stocks tip?


The Investment Research

With one half of our money already invested in The Penny Stock Dream Team’s advice, we then conducted research into the stock tip they provided. What we found out from our crack research team was that the awesome penny stocks tip was for a company that had seen legitimate growth over three quarters and had just signed a merger deal. With this awesome penny stocks information, we were confident investing the rest of the money allotted for this review into The Penny Stock Dream Teams’s tip.

(NOTE: If you’re a beginner and trying to figure out how to buy penny stocks, it’s the same as with other stocks: either use a full brokerage firm where you deal with a live stock broker or a discount brokerage firm, which is an online and cheaper, do-it-yourself version of trading. But make sure you have an awesome penny stocks tip like we got!)

The Results: Awesome Penny Stocks Tipawesome penny stocks

Our investment in Penny Stock Dream Teams’s awesome penny stocks tip went in at .75 cents a share and wound up at a whopping $3.47 a share for an overall gain of 362.67%. Our initial investment of $2000 netted us $9,250 in return! This result came within three weeks of our initial investment based on the awesome penny stocks advice we received from the The Penny Stock Dream Team. This is as about a solid return as you can expect and as you can imagine, we were all pleased with the results. Bottom line: It was an awesome penny stock!

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